The Flea FM: Get the Flea in your ear! North Shore to Central City
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Where we cover

We’re a community radio station based on the North Shore and specifically focussing on Devonport to Takapuna. We are great believers in local community radio and want to provide our listeners with news and updates from our little part of the word. It’s a beautiful part of our city of Auckland and wider New Zealand. There’s a selection of beautiful white sand beaches and parks and hills combined with a rich history.

Our home base, Devonport has a history as a suburb at the southern end of the North Shore peninsula. It was first called Flagstaff when signalling station was set up on Mt Victoria in 1841, This signally station although transformed over the years is still in use on Mt Victoria and is still in use today at a key part of Ports of Auckland shipping communications and home of The Fleas broadcast transmitter.

Style of our station

The Flea was launched in 1999 by radio legend Mike Baker. Mike had completed a very successful career in commercial mainstream radio having worked on stations throughout New Zealand. His vision for The Flea was a local station that would be part of the heart and soul of the community. The station started in his home and as it expanded was moved to premises on the Devonport Wharf. In 2016 the studio was relocated to the Old Post Office building where it remains today. It operates 24 hours 7 days a week and while Devonport is the hub for on air broadcasts, another studio has now been added in Bayswater. We play easy listening music designed for those who like relaxed and popular songs from the 70’s through to today.

Another radio legend Murray ‘Muzza’ Inglis is now very much part of the sound of the station. Muzza is responsible for the sound of the station and also looks after the noon to 7pm, Monday to Friday slot. Muzza was recognised by the radio industry for his contribution to broadcasting in New Zealand. Muzza now in his mid-seventies still sounds as good as he did back in days when he had most of Christchurch listening to his Muzza in the Morning show. We invite you to listen in and enjoy the music and news that is The Flea.

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The station is provided to the community by The North Harbour radio Community Trust. It is funded by the generosity of many people and a number of local businesses who share the vision of this fantastic community, contact us to be one of our supporters!